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Once you have registered your domain name you can set up email addresses:

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Other Features: Email Forwarding & Catch-all email forwarding


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Top Reasons to Transfer In!

There are many great reasons why transfering your domain name to Zenith Hosting makes sense but our top two are:

  • .com/.net/.org/.info/.name/.biz - Transfer in for £5 AND get 1 year's registration added to your domain name for free
  • .co.uk/.org.uk/.me.uk - Transfer in for FREE and renew for just £3.49 per year

Transfer your domain in to Zenith Hosting

Great Free Services!

There are many advantages to transferring your domain name to Zenith Hosting, including that we provide you with a range of free services to help you manage your domain name:

tick small Web Forwarding (multiple types)
  Unlimited Email Forwarding
  Catch-All Email Forwarding
 Domain "For Sale" Page
  Easy-to-use Home Page Creator
  Change Nominet Tag (UK domains)
  Change Name Servers
  No Fee For Changing Nominet Tag
  Easily Change Domain Contact Information
  Zenith Hosting WebMail (with Mail Box)
  Full DNS Management
  Nominet Whois Opt Out
  Manage Everything Online Easily
  No Hidden Fees
  And Much More .......


Transfer your domain in to Zenith Hosting


+ Mail Boxes - singles or in packs of 10
+ Add Virus Scanning - per domain
+ Search Engine Submission - one offs or every month
+ Add Web Hosting for just £1.67 per month

Transfer your domain in to Zenith Hosting

Domain Transfer Price List

Transfer Type
Free Transfer-In!
Just £5
Includes 1 year's registration added to your domain name for free


Have an international domain not listed above? We have friend's and client's websites hosted on our servers from around the world. Be it Australia, the United States, South Africa, India, Peru, Germany or wherever, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your domain name and we'll be pleased to help you set up with Zenith Hosting at no extra charge!

Zenith Hosting have developed one of the simplest transfer-in systems available to take the headache out of reducing your ongoing domain name costs.

To transfer your domain names to Zenith Hosting and benefit from our free services and low domain name renewal fees, please click here.

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5 Questions in considering a Domain Name

when choosing a domain name :

1. Is Your Domain Name Memorable?

Not every visitor will use Bookmarks/Favourites with your website, so it's important that it's easy to remember and makes a simple straight-forward impact. Initials can be used (dma.com) but ensure that they relate directly to either the website or business name.

2. How Long Is The Name?

Visitors are less likely to remember, or want to type, long domain names. As a guide try to stay under 10 letters in length and definitely no more than 20.

3. Which Is The Best Extension?

The number of available extensions growes monthly, but some work better than others. The .com extensions are most easily remembered by visitors, followed by .net and then your own country's extensions (.co.uk). Some of the extensions are specific to certain areas (eg .gov to government), others (like .org) are associated with non-profit organisations and clubs.

4. Is The Spelling Simple?

You may be tempted to be 'arty' with domain spelling, but before you do make certain that potential visitors of whichever language base are going to know/remember the name. In a similar light, try to avoid using symbols (number/hyphens) in the name. Many visitors will miss these completely, with a result in them ending up at someone else's website.

5. Does Your Name Hint To Your Type Of Website?

If at all possible use a name that will tell potential visitors what your site is all about (or 'selling') before they get there. For many company websites the best bet is to use your company name - if at all possible!


Domain Name Features

more for your money with zenith hosting

All this is included FREE with your domain registration or transfer 

tick largeWeb Forwarding:

Web forwarding allows you to forward your domain name to another web address, for example you could forward your domain name to some free web space you have with your Internet service provider.

Automatic Redirect: There are two types of web forwarding: the first is automatic redirection, where the user's web browser is sent to the new web address that you specify, so the domain name will not be visible in the address bar of the user's web browser.

Framed Redirect: To have your domain name showing in the address bar you must use the second method - a framed redirect. With a framed redirect your web address is visible in your web browser's address bar. You can also set the title that is shown in the web browser and the meta keywords and a description of your website that search engines use to index your site.

Domain For Sale Page: Is your domain name for sale? Use this feature to place a simple page on your website advertising the fact that this domain name is for sale!

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Email Forwarding:

Email Forwarding allows you to forward any email address @yourdomain.co.uk to any email address you choose, for example a hotmail or yahoo.com address. You can forward each address to up to ten different addresses.

Catch-All Email Forwarding: Catch-All Email Forwarding allows you to forward ALL email from yourdomain.co.uk to any email address you choose, for example a hotmail or yahoo.com address.

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Web Mail :

We offer one of the most powerful and flexible WebMail systems to all our customers. Features include:

Folder Support: You can create as many folders as you need to easily store and organise your mail.

Enhanced Calendar: This handy feature allows you to manage appointments (tasks) on a quarterly, annual, or daily basis.

Outlook-to-Webmail Sync: Microsoft Outlook can be synchronized with your Webmail account so that contacts and scheduler data can be shared between a desktop and Webmail client. If a user adds a new appointment (task) or contact while using Outlook or Webmail, the data will be automatically synchronised between the applications.

Enhanced Address Book: Webmail's enhanced address book functionality allows you to import and export contacts from/to CSV (comma separated values) file format. You can also sync your Webmail account with your existing address-books.

Spell Checker: Spell check your email before sending it using the built in spell checker with a new and updated language database.

Mailbox Sorting & Searching: Messages contained in your Inbox can be sorted by subject, date, or email address. You can search your mailbox for keywords, allowing quick and easy access to your stored email.

Rich HTML Messages: Create eye-catching emails using different fonts and colours or by embedding pictures and sounds. Why not add your company logo or a customised signature? You can easily attach files to your emails to send to friends, family or colleagues.

Email Filters: Create rules to move specific messages or block unwanted senders altogether.

Webmail is one of our most popular features and we operate our Webmail system on a sophisticated hardware platform. This uses state-of-the-art hardware load balancers to distribute traffic to our cluster of Webmail servers. Your messages are centrally stored on giant disk arrays and backed up each day, first to another disk array and then to tape which is stored offsite.

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Home Page Creator :

A simple yet effective tool to create your own "business card" website. Our home page creator software allows you to create a simple "business card" website to put on your domain name. You can easily add contact information to your website, such as your name, address, phone number and details about your website. Five themes are included as standard, these are:


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Domain Names - Registration & Transfer

Take That First Step Now and Register Your Domain Names

Find Your Domain Names Now

We have great domain name prices and we make everything simple and easy to understand. You can now buy a .co.uk domain name for just £3.49 per year!

Our renewal prices are the same as our new domain name prices - some people charge up to £2.00 more!

Our fees are low all the time not just for special offers!

Buys your domains securely through PayPal


Tips on Choosing a Domain Name information

Keep it Short, keep it simple

To find your site people need to be able to remember your address and easily type it into their browser. Aim to register the shortest name that your customers and visitors will associate with your website.

co.uk, com, eu, net, org...?

It is a good idea to register several similar domain names, particularly if you own a trademark for a certain name. If possible register the .co.uk, .com, .eu and .net. These are the most popular domain names and by registering all of them you can help to prevent cyber squatters and losing traffic.

Consider common typos

If you have a domain name that can easily by pluralised or miss-spelled consider registering those as well to stop traffic going elsewhere.

Don't Shell Out Large Amounts of £££

Don’t settle for the first price you come across. Some companies still sell domain names for as much as £100. To put that in to perspective, Zenith Hosting domains start at £2.99 per year!

Register Your Domain NOW

You must register as soon as possible, or risk getting stuck with "the-domain-name-that-no-one-wanted.net". You do not have to have a Webmaster or an ecommerce department or a web design consultant... you don't even need a web page. Simply search for your domain name and register it yourself. Simple!


Take That First Step Now and Register Your Domain Names

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